GreenStix Custom Wood Putters

Greenstix putters are individually handcrafted. Each putter is made with extreme attention to detail and painstaking care. Form and function combine to create a golf club that is as consistent and true on the course as it is a stunning piece of art. While some modern tools are used, these are crafted and honed by hand, without mass production or assembly line workers. The shafts are even tapered by hand from blanks made from rough stock, not turned on a lathe.

What do GreenStix custom wood putters offer?

Beauty... each putter head is selected for stunning beauty, either for its color, grain pattern, or both.

Function, each putter is designed for long term use on the golf course and is legal in tournament play. These putters have been submitted to the USGA and conform with USGA rules.

A mallet head, allowing for dispersed weight. A larger head allows for enough weight to be added without compromising the integrity of the wood.

Leather grip, giving a secure grip on the club.  Each leather grip is hand wrapped with two adhesives to ensure long life.

Hickory shaft, for an old time look, but still enough strength for long putts.  While hickory makes the best functioning shaft wood, some other woods such as oak and maple may be used for aesthetic purposes.

Custom length of shaft, as well as angle off the head.  Shaft lengths (33” to 37”) and head angle are usually fairly standard, however can be customized to preference.

Polyurethane finish (at least 3 coats, usually 5 or more) for the most durable wood finish possible.  While high gloss is most popular for its ability to accentuate the wood grain, satin (or matte) finish is also available. Rubbed oil finish is also available,  however, this does require the customer to periodically apply another coat of oil finish.

Weighted with lead (usually 285 to 310 grams) to the customer’s desire.  This allows for virtually ANY wood to be used for the head, from Balsa to Ebony.

Ebony face plate for a firm but delicate touch. An inlay of ebony gives a striking look, and great performance.

Each piece individually numbered and stamped.  I take pride in my products. If I’m not happy with a piece, it WON’T go out the door.

Style... The putter heads come in 5 different styles: Master, Championship, Invitational, Classic, and Open. (See pictures on Putters page.)

Guide Dot, a contrasting wood inlay indicating the “sweet spot”, aiding in alignment is added on 4 of the 5 styles (not necessary on the Master).

* Personalization available.  Names and/or dates may be added to the putter on the sole or on the shaft at the customer’s request for a nominal fee.